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Power Management Systems

Having grown from the Power Production field, MAS S.A. is well known and well established in the power generation industry. For over a quarter of a century we design, develop and install sophisticated power management system to meet any demanding application.  

Today MAS S.A. provides total solutions for the control and management of multiple units found in electrical power producing installations. No matter the equipment (steam / gas / hydro / wind turbines, engines, etc) or the plant type (mainland power plant, a backup power house, etc) MAS S.A. can undertake to deliver a complete power management solution custom made to each installation’s needs.

Well known for its solutions, MAS S.A. provides latest technology power management systems which include:

  •  Automatic unit synchronization.
  •  Automatic grid synchronization of multiple units.
  •  Automatic active and reactive power load sharing.
  •  Primary frequency & voltage control.
  •  Power import & export control.
  •  Sophisticated load shedding system.
  •  Automatic unit sequencing. 
  •  Sophisticated power transition (e.g. multiple transformers & units).
  •  Black start & automatic recovery logic.
  •  Unmanned operational logic
  •  Etc.

Above functionalities can be delivered as part of a completely new control desk or as additions to an existing system.

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on our solutions in your specific needs.