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Complete Projects

MAS S.A. has undisputed experience in complete turn-key projects in the area of machinery control, automation, protection and supervision systems. 

Having worked in critical industries though out our existence we are very aware of the demanding and intolerant execution schedules. We plan, manage, and execute all our projects with precision and methodologies which ensure minimum down times. When needed we also have the ability to upgrade machinery while the rest of the installation is in operation.

Due to our expertise we are often subcontracted project parts undertaken by large international contractors. It is also usual however to undertake the execution complete projects as the main contractor. Depending on the project scope such projects may include complete machinery and complete station upgrade works which among others include:

  • Project Management Services
  • Detailed Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineering
  • Machinery Mechanical adaptation works
  • Machinery Maintenance & Overhaul works
  • On-machine and field instrumentation and equipment
  • Machinery control, protection and monitoring systems
  • Machine and Station Auxiliary systems
  • LV & MV distribution and switchgear 
  • Control room / control desk equipment (local and remote)
  • Complete supervisory and control systems
  • Etc.

​Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on our solutions in your specific needs.