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Compressor / Pump Control & Protection

Compressors play a vital part in the total efficiency and reliability of Oil & Gas and Heavy industry processes.   All compressors have the risk of surge which can result in a condition known as compressor stall that can cause serious damage. A good compressor anti-surge system is therefore vital to avoid damages and possible heavy economical losses due to production loss in case of serious damages.  

MAS S.A. offers field proven control and protection solutions for your compressor based on latest technology controls and algorithms.  Our advanced algorithms insure that the compressor operates at peak efficiency, while each stage is protected from potentially catastrophic surge events, per OEM’s specification.

A fact that is sometimes ignored is that anti-surge controls are largely depended on the hardware platform used.  For this reason MAS uses only specialized hardware from leading manufactures such as Woodward which ensure not only the needed speed but also the quality and reliability requirements of such systems. 

MAS S.A. offers its compressor solutions as:

  • Stand alone Compressor Control
    Modern anti-surge systems go beyond the simple static local loop controllers.  Dedicated hardware with special algorithms prevent surge using four comprehensive control layers and five detection methods. In total, these open- and closed-loop surge prevention and recovery routines act together as a comprehensive control strategy throughout the compressor performance map.   Our advanced approach not only ensures total machine safety but compressor increase efficiency due ‚Äč.

  • Integrated Turbine-Compressor Control
    Our integrated turbine & compressor control (ITCC) provides complete integrated control for the entire compressor train. With ITCC systems we can provide you a comprehensive package integrating the turbine control with the compressor control. Integrated control offers advanced control possibilities using special algorithms to derive the optimum turbine speed and compressor performance at any load.  As such train efficiency is increased due to less re-cycling.  

An additional challenge of anti-surge system comes when multiple compressor trains are used in parallel or in series.  In such cases compressor load sharing is needed to ensure that all compressors are relatively in similar load and operate in the same area.  Our advanced performance control algorithms are designed to share key compressor state, load, and operation information, allowing the overall system to be optimized and to proactively respond to large or small process changes.

Main key benefits from upgrading an anti-surge control system are:

  •  Early detection and avoidance of surge condition.
  •  Reduced risk of compressor bearing, seal, blade damage or catastrophic failure
  •  Minimize shutdowns due to surge or process instability.
  •  Decrease startup time and process re-starts.

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information on our solutions in your specific needs.