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Field Services

One of the differentiation points of MAS S.A. is its understanding of the need for prompt and correct Field Support to its customers. For more than 40 years, its engineers have been traveling around the world providing assistance and troubleshooting services to our customers and to any Woodward owner. 

The key to success in proving correct support to the customer is essentially to provide engineers capable of understanding and solving problems on site. Every team dispatched from MAS S.A. is a well balanced group of people who have the know-how and experience to provide the requested services.

Field services provided by MAS S.A. include but are not limited to:

  • Troubleshooting services (for control, protection and monitoring systems in Gas, Steam, Hydro turbines and Reciprocating Engines)
  • Installation & commissioning services
  • Project supervision & management

MAS S.A. has a long history in the oil & gas and Heavy Industries sectors and is well aware of the importance in securing that all machinery is properly maintained and that specialized technical support is available on a 24hr basis. Responding to this need, MAS S.A. has several support programs available which aim at providing to our customers the support and commitment needed for the smooth operation of their assets and the fast recovery from any unforeseen problem.

The most common support packages are “Field Support Contract” whereby MAS S.A. provides prime 24h technical support and priority field service support, to cover a wide range of control and protection equipment in any installation. With this service a predictive maintenance is done on all electronic equipment and all software is kept up-to-date.  MAS S.A. provides regular remote monitoring of the systems and will respond to any fault on priority and under the knowledge of the problem which make the solution faster and more effective.  Depending on the contract MAS S.A. can also provide emergency spare stocking and procurement management. As such clients are provided with a reassurance that all systems will operate as they should and that any unpredicted fault will be corrected as soon as physically possible.

Please feel free to contact us for more specific information in our solutions on your specific needs.