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RTU systems


Celeste nx

Celestenx delivers state of the art operator interface solutions ranging from a single workstation through to mission critical SCADA and Automation master stations with multiple redundancy and bumpless transfer workstation configurations. Exceptional editing capabilities and extensive runtime operator facilities ensure systems can be tailored to satisfy varying utility application requirements.
• Simple intuitive configuration editor
• Extensive SCADA and automation user facilities
• IEC 61850 compliant
•Numerous additional industry standard protocol support
•Flexible alarm classification, grouping and filtering facilities
• Automatic line colouring option
• Integral real-time and historic trending capability
• Powerful integrated report builder
• Flexible on-line archiver with SQL exports option
• Enhanced user interface capabilities via embedded VBA scripting
• Integrated web-server option
• Multiple language support



Callisto nx

This feature-rich building block for Utility Automation, offers a single solution from a simple pole-top device to a fully integrated computerised substation control system.
•IEC 61850 compliant
•Advanced AC capabilities with
•comprehensive fault detectionIntegrated protection functions
•Disturbance recording
•Power quality monitoring IEC 61131-3 logic
•Extensive library of communication protocols



 Callisto nx Utility Controller

A Callistonx Utility Controller Unit provides the foundation level standalone solution for small point count RTUs and its modular expansion facilities satisfy the largest RTU or automation substation automation.
•IEC 61850
•IEC 611313 logic
•16 DI, 6 DO as standard
•Mouldar I/O expandable
•1 Ethernet, 2 serial ports as standard
•Multi-protocol support
•Powerful 32bit RISC processor
•Embedded Linux OS
•Complete suite of diagnostic and configuration tools


Callisto-Expansion Callisto nx Expansion Modules
An arrangement of sockets on the Callistonx Utility Controller provides flexible expansion from a family of plug-in I/O modules. Virtually unlimited expansion for networked intelligent configurations using plug-in station bus modules.
•Comprehensive library of expansion modules
•Robust design
•Clear module identification
•Automatic module detection
•Module select indication
•Local indication / diagnostics (via PSU LCD)
•On board watchdog
•Analogues auto calibrated /temperature compensated