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Maneuvering Systems


Rexroth control systems can be found on all type of ships around the world. Work vessels with classification, passenger liners, coastal cargo ships and even yachts rely on engineering expertise. Made in Germany. 
Regardless of which propulsion concept is required – the reversing gear system, the controllable pitch propeller system, or even new drive concepts such as hybrid systems are using our most proven product: the Marex OS III. 


  •  Easy installation thanks to pre-assembly 

  •  System reliability thanks to one self-monitoring CAN bus per drive train 

  •  Bridge components can also be used in the outside area 

  •  Approval of drawing and FAT upon request


MArex OS II Marex OS II

Marex OS II stands for "Open System" and is an advancement of Marex OS. Due to its high grade of modularity, the remote control can be adapted to all particularities of the propulsion system.

Adequate for each type of vessel.
Flexible in the adaptation to the propulsion system.
Optional emergency control system.

Engine characteristic lines for economic operation, overload control and adjustable delay times for smooth and efficient gear shifting are only a small extract of the functions the Marex OS II provides.

The components:

Control head to set rpm and gear direction, in different sizes, designs and optionally with lever follow-up system.
Emergency control to operate the propulsion system in case of a remote control failure.
Hand-held control station to operate the remote control during docking and launching manoeuvres.
Operating modules to control and indicate special functions.
Indication modules to display rpm, pitch of propeller and direction.
Ready-to-connect cables between the remote control's components.


Marex-OS-3D Marex OS 3D

The joystick system Marex OS 3D takes the stress out of maneuvering in tight spaces. The intuitive ship control moves your ship smoothly and responsively. It’s a simple principle: The boater pushes or twists the joystick and the ship will mirror the movement exactly. Unwanted movements due to crosswind or current are being automatically compensated by a sophisticated vector control and integrated compass.

Marex OS 3D is based on a Marex OS III remote control system. This combination allows for the integration of up to six joysticks stations. Different control station variations are available, from

Stand-alone joysticks to stations which pair the joystick with a Marex OS III-control head. Depending on the configuration, two joystick operation modes can be selected: In thruster-mode only the thrusters will be operated by the joystick while the engine control remains with the Marex OS III-control heads. In 3D-mode all driving units including thrusters, engines and steering gear will be controlled by your fingertips.

Whatever the specific equipment on the ship, the Marex OS 3D joystick system has the right interface for all types of engines, gearboxes and thrusters. Marex ship controls represent a state-of-the-art system solution including engine remote control, joystick operation and alarm and monitoring system. Interface issues are finally off the table.


Marex-ECS Marex ECS

Easy to operate with a unique design and extensive options: the Marex ECS meets the highest production and quality standards and provides captains with maximum reliability, as proven by endurance testing with one million lever actuations. The Marex ECS controls single or twin gasoline and diesel engine applications from up to four control stations. Trolling gear control is available as an option. The system is designed for small pleasure and work boats and is compatible with all common engine types and reversing gears. It’s hardware originates from proven automotive applications. The well-established CAN bus technology ensures reliable communication between the components. Sophisticated auto-diagnostics inform the operator of the current operating state. An alarm log is provided for subsequent evaluation.


Marex-AMC-Modular Marex AMC Modular

Marex AMC Modular includes the advantages of CAN-bus technology regarding data transmission and safety. Displays from 6.5" to 19" are available, on request with touch function. The user interface can be customized.


Alarm and monitoring systems
Safety systems
Fire alarm systems
Secondary display for engine alarm systems
Automation systems
Navigation light control


The CAN-bus technology reduces the cabling effort and installation time offering a maximum of safety at the same time. If necessary, the system can be configured redundantly to minimize the risk of a system malfunction. The system can be easily configured by computer.

The transflective, energy-saving displays dim automatically. They remain readable anytime even with varying light incidence on several displays or with bright ambient illumination.

The capacitive touch screens are not affected by sand, dust or fluids and remain operational at all times.


Marex-AMC-Modular Marex AMC Compact

Marex AMC Compact allows you to record and display purely binary signals. It provides LED-panels with freely configurable messages. The system can be integrated into control cabinets.


Safety system
Alarm system
Monitoring system
Watch cabin unit with engineer calling system
Start-stop-system for diesel engines


Marex AMC Compact is a classified system which can be applied in professional shipping and offshore technology.

As one of the most compact system on the market it uses modules which are connectable in series. Their dimensions meet the standard for control cabinet installations.

Its robust EPROM memory can be replaced easily and programmed at site according to the customer's requests by using a standard burning device.

The serial-line-architecture allows a distance of up to 2,000 m between the components. Unshielded cables can be used to connect them which saves costs and permits the reuse of existing cables e. g. in refits.