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Programmable Control

828-Digital-Controls 828 Digital Controls for Custom Applications 
Custom programmable models of the 828 controls can be developed to meet specific needs for specialized functions in process, plant, engine, and marine applications. Custom versions may be used as unit or engine level controls, or as supervisory controls for functions such as sequencing, load shedding, heat recovery management, and system monitoring and alarming.

733-Digital-Controls 733 Digital Controls
Woodward’s 733 digital control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, locomotive and industrial engine, and process markets. Specifically designed for direct mounting on the engine, the 733 can also be mounted inside control cabinets, if required.

In-Pulse In-Pulse / ECM3 Fuel Injection Controllers
Woodward’s In-Pulse™ II and ECM3 fuel injection controls manage and control electronic fuel injection (EFI) reciprocating engines used in power generation, marine propulsion, locomotive, and industrial engine, and process markets.
The controllers manage the core fuel system and injection events for many EFI fuel systems, including electronic diesel unit injectors and pumps (EUI/EUP), diesel common rail systems (CR), solenoid-operated gas admission valves SOGAV™ , micro pilot injection systems, and electronic rail valves (ERV).

Atlas-II Atlas-II™ Control Platform
Woodward’s Atlas-II™ control is an industrial platform that offers robust, low-cost control for gas turbine applications.
This control is designed to integrate into the modern plant architecture through the use of Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocols. Four Ethernet ports and add-on fieldbus communication modules allow for the network flexibility and redundancy necessary for today's communication architectures. With a proven real-time operating system and dedicated inputs and outputs, the Atlas-II provides reliable and deterministic performance for key prime mover control functionality. Less critical control functionality can be added to the Atlas-II through the use of GAP or Ladder Logic programming structures and the addition distributed I/O. The Atlas-II programmable control is designed specifically for gas turbines.


AtlasSC™ Control System

Woodward’s AtlasSC™ industrial control incorporates embedded microprocessor technology and dedicated I/O for control of turbines and electric motors.
At the heart of the small and powerful AtlasSC platform is an industrial processor with RTOS (Real Time Operating System). AtlasSC is fully-programmable using Woodward GAP software.


MicroNet™ Plus Control System

Woodward’s MicroNet™ Plus - customizable control system specifically designed for the control of gas turbines.
The MicroNet™ Plus control system provides a flexible and expandable platform to control any gas turbine and its associated processes:
· high-speed control functions
· system sequencing
· auxiliary system control
· surge control
· monitoring and alarming
· station control
The digital MicroNet control is available in both simplex and dual redundant configurations. Each version is expandable into multiple chassis as required by the application size, and will support any mix of I/O, including networked distributed I/O.


MicroNet TMR® (Triple Modular Redundant) Control System

Woodward’s MicroNet TMR® customizable control platform reliably controls and protects gas turbines used in system-critical applications where the chance of a safety issue or large economic loss may be possible.
The MicroNet TMR’s superior architecture and diagnostic coverage combine to create a system with 99.999% availability and reliability. The MicroNet TMR can be applied as a protection and safety system component for the overall system to meet IEC61508 SIL-3 compliance standards. IEC61508 calculations and application assistance are available upon request.
The MicroNet TMR shares I/O cards with the MicroNet Plus platform, and adds specific I/O that simplifies configuration and wiring of redundant and triplicated I/O signals.

5009FT 5009FT Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) Fault Tolerant Steam Turbine Control
Woodward’s 5009FT TMR controls industrial steam turbines of all sizes and types in system-critical applications requiring maximum reliability and availability. This steam turbine controller includes specifically-designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders, driving compressors, generators, or pumps. 
Designed for today's plant standardization practices, the 5009FT control system's versatile program can be configured to control steam turbines that are:

· single valve
· single extraction
· single admission
· single extraction/admission 
The 5009FT control's unique PID structure makes it ideal for petrochemical or power generation applications where it is required to control steam plant parameters like:
· compressor speed
· generator frequency
· turbine load
· turbine inlet pressures
· exhaust header pressures
· tie-line power

Analog Control
2301A Speed Controls
2301A Load Sharing and Speed Controls
Configurable Control
2301D Load Sharing and Speed Control
723Plus Digital Controls
APECS DPG 2100 Controller
APECS DPG 2200 Controller
APECS DPG 2300 Controller
APECS 4800 Controller
APECS 4500 Controller
APECS 3000 Controller
APECS 2000 Controller
APECS 500 Controller
2301D-GT Digital Load Sharing & Speed Control
GTC100 & GTC200 Industrial Controllers
GTC190 Industrial Controllers
GTC250 Industrial Controllers
easYgen-300 Series
easYgen-1000 Series
easYgen-2000 Series
easYgen-3000 Series
GCP-30 Series
GCP-31 Rental
EGCP-3 Load Sharing & Master Control Controllers
LS-4 Multiple Circuit Breaker Control & Protection
LS-5 Multiple Circuit Breaker Control & Protection
RP-3000 - Remote Panel for easYgen 3000 Series
easYlite-100 CAN Bus Based Remote Annunciator
IKD 1 Digital I/O Extension Board
Load Share Gateway (LSG)
505 Enhanced Steam Turbine Control
505E Steam Turbine Control
505CC-2 Integrated Turbine Compressor Control or Motor-Driven Compressor control
505DE Single or Dual Extraction-Admission
2301D-ST Digital Load Sharing and Speed Control for Steam Turbines
Peak 150® Steam Turbine Control
SPC Servo Position Controller
Digital Valve Positioner
EM/LQ Digital Driver
Programmable Control
828 Digital Controls for Custom Applications
733 Digital Controls
In-Pulse / ECM3 Fuel Injection Controllers
Atlas-II™ Control Platform
AtlasSC™ Control System
MicroNet™ Plus Control System
MicroNet TMR
5009FT Triple Modular Redundant Fault Tolerant Steam Turbine Control